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Ministry Update 2021

Dear friends and partners - We send greetings to you and your family at the start of this brand new year and we pray that it will be fruitful and full of dreams fulfilled for each of you.

I wanted to give a huge thanks to our faithful monthly partners who truly helped us survive during the last year. A large portion of the budget for Hester Ministries is brought in through itinerate ministry. When the opportunities to travel in 2020 came to a standstill, our partners absolutely helped us to stay afloat. We are truly grateful to all who have heard the voice of the Lord, and responded to help meet our needs during this time. There were moments when we didn't know where the needed resources would come from next, but in the end we finished the year having all the needs of the ministry met. The Lord has been faithful and so have you!

Despite the unique challenges we endured in 2020, we were still able to accomplish some amazing things. We launched the online school, Present Truth Academy. We were able to produce 36 original sessions that were spread across two electives and two primary study tracks. We are beginning 2021 with the permission to use some of the works of Dr. Kelley Varner (often recognized as the father of modern day present truth) and we are currently in pre-production for our first 10 week study of the year, The Power Of Unity. Present Truth Academy is the response to a prophetic burden as well as a dream becoming reality. If you haven't already, please like the Facebook page for Present Truth Academy and share it with your friends and family. We would also be honored if you would go to our website and register to start your own journey into truth.

We were also blessed to begin the Hester Ministries Mentoring program in 2020. Our monthly mentoring meetings lay out the foundations of present truth and they also provide an atmosphere for ministry and impartation. We have both local ministers and people across the country who are involved and are actively seeking an encounter with truth in a substantial way. We hold these sessions in person and also offer live streaming and archiving for anyone who feels led to come aboard. Please send us a private message through the CONTACT page if you would like to become a part of our mentoring program.

Finally, we would like to make an appeal to you to sow a one-time gift or become a monthly support partner with Hester Ministries (all gifts of support are tax deductible). To have our basic expenses met, we need to have a minimum of $1,200 coming in. Keep in mind, this is the bare minimum we need to stay operational. Anything above and beyond this amount helps us launch new programs, produce new products, and innovate concerning the vision God has given us to bring a revelation of the Kingdom of God and the righteous identity of the believer to as many people as possible. Please use the PARTNER link above and join us in our mission. You can also set a customizable monthly support amount if our other set amounts don't work for you. We also offer different benefits that correspond to your monthly support gifts as our thank you for partnering with us.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in helping us navigate through 2021 and beyond. We believe the finest hour of the church is now and we look into the future full of hope, joy and confidence in our good Father. We also certainly are praying and believing that 2021 will be a year of favor, increase and fresh baptism for you, your family, your ministry and everyone you encounter! Many blessings!

Dr. Matthew Hester

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