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Guaranteed Victory

How would you live if you knew you couldn't fail? I want to challenge you to no longer think of these possibilities as unattainable, they are meant to be a part of your life now! If you feel like Gideon, and are facing impossible odds, I want you to know that God has already prepared your path of victory. He has already qualified you as a person of great quality, and has given you the tools necessary to have victory over fear and condemnation. You are of the quality of Gideon's 300, and the Father has invited you to witness His supreme victory concerning all of the things you could ever encounter.


Becoming Glorious


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Exerpt from Becoming Glorious:

Humanity was created to abide in the glory of God. The problem is that when sin entered into the world that our habits were not the only things that were corrupted, but our habitation was also corrupted. Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. Humanity has fallen short of the existence for which it was created, but salvation allows us to become reacquainted with the identity and residency designed for us all along. We are hard wired for the glory of God! We are programmed to desire the glory of God. The glory of God should change our opinions, desires and appetites. The glory of God will literally recalibrate your life in such a way that you will desire what you were created for all along!

The Tree Of Life


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Take a journey that explains the lifestyle pattern that is born from He Who is the Tree of Life! Adam and Eve ate of that which produced good and evil and did not have the opportunity thereafter to eat of the Tree of Life. I have heard many preachers say that none of us can hope to eat of the Tree of Life here on the earth, but the truth we see in Scripture is different! We were never cut off from partaking of the Tree, but rather we were guarded from the WAY to that tree.

Born to be Kings


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Born To Be Kings is back and newly republished! Find out the plan and purpose of God for you as you begin to understand the powerful truth that you were born to be a king! See the plan of God unfold as you realize that you were the first thought in the heart of God. This volume brings a great encouragement and equipping to all who are searching out the big picture of God and His Kingdom! Now available for national distribution through Amazon!


This ground breaking, four part series, will bring a fresh release of zeal and encouragment to you as you discover the present reality of the glory of God in your life! Religion makes glory a mystery, but relationship with God makes glory a reality! This series is a gerat companion to the newly released book by the same title.



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This series brings you six messages that will empower, equip and transform your life! Each message comes as an mp3 file with artwork. Take your messages with you on any digital media device!


Messages included in this volume:

The Streams Flow Up The Mountain I & II

Tapping Into Supernatural Resources I & II

I Will Walk In The Kingdom I Decree

Functional Righteousness





This powerful three part series takes a look at the authority and power of our heavenly pattern. The truth that Jesus is our pattern for living cannot only be a Sunday school truth, but it must empower every aspect of our lives in the earth. Jesus was a man under authority and knew His Father intimately. Our success hinges on living the life that He patterned for us.



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The Narrow Way is a three part series that will change the way you live! We are called to agents of righteousness in the earth! What does this mean? How do we walk the Narrow Way?

The three messages in the series are:

Judge According To Righteousness

The Narrow Way

Living Upon The Rock




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